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CATS’s mission: foster opportunities for a more equitable and inclusive community regardless of socioeconomic status. 

An audience's shared cultural experience is one of the easiest and most successful ways to strengthen a community. 


To accomplish this mission, ticket donors must stop giving away "free tickets" and begin providing community outreach opportunities. 

CATS successfully facilities opportunities like these each and every day.


Building on a history started in 1989 by the BASS Tickets Foundation and later the Center Stage Ticket Foundation, CATS provides to disadvantaged individuals access to arts and culture.  Through long-standing partnerships with local venues, fine arts groups, professional and collegiate sports teams, museums and aquariums, each year CATS is able to distribute tickets to nearly 40,000 people.

Today, nearly 400 social service agencies rely on CATS for access to some of the Bay Area’s most notable venues and events such as: San Francisco Giants, Disney on Ice, San Francisco Ballet, Monterey Bay Aquarium, California Academy of Sciences and Alcatraz Cruises – all of which partner solely with CATS to provide community outreach to thousands of less-advantaged individuals each year.  Hundreds of other cultural entities have chosen to work with CATS based not only on a successful track record but as a guaranteed avenue for community outreach.  As a result of these unparalleled partnerships, CATS is proud to boast an average attendance rate of over 90% - impressive with an annual ticket distribution of over 40,000. 

CATS is able to succeed by having a physical, local address and therefore, on-going, year-round relationship with venues, agencies and clients alike.  CATS has a presence at events: working with the box office, meeting clients and distributing tickets whereby ensuring that tickets are used - and used by the right people.  CATS possesses intimate knowledge of each of the partnering agencies whereby enabling ticket distribution to be well thought out, even strategic in order to achieve success for the individual as well as the ticket donor.    

What CATS is most proud of however, is the inclusion of all populations representing disadvantaged individuals: youth living in group and foster homes; veterans in need of support, those living with AIDS and HIV, adult men and women in recovery, formerly homeless individuals and families, mental health consumers, developmentally disabled and seniors in isolation.  


Ticket donors make the decision to partner with CATS because of the ease in donating and distributing unused or allocated tickets. CATS works with each donor entity addressing their ticketing needs.  CATS also has well established relationships with local venues, box offices and the intricacies of ticketing, creating a one-stop service that satisfies any ticket donor’s audience-development needs.

This partnership opens up the doors to those individuals without a tradition of attendance at cultural performances and venues whereby promoting community awareness, and providing cultural enrichment through sports, the performing and visual arts, and experiential learning exhibits.


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Filoli Center, The Sunken Garden


Our clientele here at CURA Inc. is a mixture of African Americans, Latinos, and Caucasians.  And all of the CATS events that we have attended have opened the minds of our clients and have shown our clients that they can have fun without the use of drugs or alcohol. 
I think CATS does a tremendous job for organizations like CURA Inc. (Drug Rehab/Behavior Modification Program) which allows us to attend events that we could not possibly afford otherwise.

Angelito Kemp
Event Coordinator, CURA Inc




Community Access Ticket Service, a nonprofit 501(c)(3), strengthens communities by including under-served populations in the arts and other cultural events. 

CATS accomplishes this with your generous donation of tickets, financial support and the cooperation of staff working with local social-service agencies.
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