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CATS provides recreational and educational experiences to low-income, at-risk individuals who can use the experiences to develop social support and life-skills, self-esteem and a greater sense of independence. 

For those of us on society's fringe, sharing a cultural experience with tens, hundreds, and sometimes tens of of thousands of other people enables a feeling of inclusion and community not otherwise felt. 

CATS believes that positive socialization experiences through arts and culture are fundamental to a healthy community and in these times, vital to the individual. 

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved: working alongside hundreds of agencies contributing to the health and betterment of the agency and agency’s participants. 

  • CATS maintains partnerships with some of the Bay Area's most notable cultural venues, arts organizations and professional sports teams. 


  • The San Francisco Ballet, Monterey Bay Aquarium, San Francisco Giants, Disney on Ice, Oakland Ballet, California Academy of Sciences, and Alcatraz Cruises have all designated CATS as their community partner coordinating outreach opportunities.
  • To date, CATS has distributed over 500,000 tickets to as many individuals in our community.  The dollar value of this outreach is nearly 15 million dollars.
  • CATS partners with nearly 400 social-service agencies located in and around the Bay Area from as far north as Manteca and south as Monterey.

Stretching programmatic dollars is difficult.  However, there is no other expenditure your agency can make that provides the long-term investment and value that CATS can for your program.  If you look at what you receive from CATS as simply "free tickets" than any cost associated with CATS is disposable.  Those agencies which understand and use CATS as a tool to empower clients, residents, participants and staff, realize this is a necessary expense and no less important than money spent on other supplies needed to run their program. It's up to each agency to determine how they will best use this tool. 

CATS provides thousands of opportunities

to better ensure the success of your agency’s goals. 

We’re looking forward to realizing those goals with you! 








Seven Tepees Youth Program, San Francisco

Downtown Senior Center

I live and work in the same African American community and I want to say CATS helps out positively because it gives the people and their children in the community a chance to attend events they may not have been able to afford. And it gives their children exposure of something positive and different away from the community.
Denesha Bridges
Positive Directions Equals Change




Community Access Ticket Service, a nonprofit 501(c)(3), strengthens communities by including under-served populations in the arts and other cultural events. 

CATS accomplishes this with your generous donation of tickets, financial support and the cooperation of staff working with local social-service agencies.
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